Emmerdale spoilers! Will Chas Dingle make up with Paddy or is it OVER?

At the Woolpack, broken-hearted Chas Dingle collapses in a heap as Pollard offers advice on her troubled relationship with Paddy

Having unleashed her anger on her surroundings, Chas Dingle sits on the floor of her pub among the wreckage. She’s had a major argument with Paddy which got so bad she booted him out of their home and trashed the Woolie.

Lost in the grief of losing her newborn daughter, Chas is in such a dark place. When Pollard, who has had his fair share of heartache over the years, approaches Chas to talk, can he help? Can Chas and Paddy come back from the brink or is their relationship over?

In the cafe, Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) cracks open the bubbly with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick)! They’re celebrating Tracy’s business idea – but are the girls being a bit premature?

At the cafe, Tracy Metcalfe cracks open the bubbly as she celebrates her business idea with Vanessa Woodfield

Elsewhere, the shenanigans over the art con rage on and see Frank confront Clive over the plan. What is the plan?

Second episode of Emmerdale tonight.