Emmerdale spoilers! Will pregnant Chas Dingle tell Paddy Kirk about the scan?

Chas Dingle panics when Paddy Kirk wants to book a 4-D baby scan as she hasn't told him bad news

When Chas Dingle went for a baby scan last week she was overjoyed to be told she and Paddy Kirk are expecting a little girl. But the sonographer’s good news was marred by terrible news – and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) hasn’t yet found the words to tell Paddy (Dominic Brunt). Churned up, Chas panics when Paddy suggests they book a 4-D scan. Will she tell her fiance?

As Sarah’s hatred for her mum Debbie rages, Faith tries to get the mum and daughter talking.

Gerry’s funeral is looming large but when Doug raises the issue of the eulogy to the lad’s uncle Terry, the guy baulks. Lachlan tries to retrieve the comic Terry has stolen and reels when Doug tells him he’s sold his car to raise cash for Gerry’s uncle.