Emmerdale spoilers! Daz Spencer is arrested as Amelia escapes her kidnapper!

Daz Spencer tries to rescue Amelia from her kidnapper Beth and gets arrested for the crime

Time is ticking and Daz Spencer needs to get hold of the money that Amelia’s kidnapper has demanded. Panicking about what he’s going to do when he comes face-to-face with the perp, Daz (Mark Jordon) grabs a heavy implement from the garage to take with him.

Unaware that his daughter’s kidnapper is a young girl called Beth, who used a voice decoder when making her demands, Daz pitches up looking for a menacing thug… Beth legs it when she spots Daz is carrying a weapon and the whole saga unravels rapidly…

As Amelia tries to leg it, Beth gives chase and tells her that Daz killed her dad when they were in the army. What will Amelia do?

Later, Daz – who has been the prime suspect in Amelia’s disappearance – is arrested for the crime…

Debbie Dingle is shocked when her dad Cain tells her Ross Barton wants him to hand over the garage or he’ll go to the police. Cain (Jeff Hordley) isn’t about to do that – but he is about to meet him halfway. Will Ross (Michael Parr) accept when Cain asks him to become a partner in his auto business?

The situation between Tracy and David Metcalfe blows up beyond repair when the shopkeeper tries to plant a kiss on Maya. Having slept with his estranged wife and been told it was a mistake David (Matthew Wolfenden) is hurt and looks to Maya for a supportive ear. As the drink flows they share their respective marriage problems and are about to kiss when Maya’s doctor husband Liam arrives!

That’s not all though. It gets worse. Unaware of the mess that is unfolding in the shop, soul-searching Tracy (Amy Walsh) arrives having decided she is up for giving their marriage another try after all! She hears the lot, realises David has pounced on someone else in spite of what’s been going on between them and is devastated. The Metcalfes are DONE.

Hour-long episode [*subject to extreme change as a result of the World Cup affecting TV scheduling].