Emmerdale spoilers: Daz Spencer plots to flee the country!

In the aftermath of his drunk-driving/hit and run, Daz is in a terrible panic and secretly starts making plans to leave the country...

Things are not looking very festive for Daz Spencer. Not only has he jeopardised his new job by misreading the signals between him and his flirty but married boss, Trisha. But now he fears the police will soon be on his case, after he made the decision to drink-drive and was involved in a hit and run…

Instead of sticking around to see if the hit and run victim is still alive, Daz fled the scene of the crime and is now afraid it won’t be long before the police come knocking on the door.

With the rest of the Spencer family none the wiser about the reason behind his shifty behaviour, Daz secretly starts looking into booking flights… to escape the country!

Meanwhile, Daz’s teenage daughter Amelia is hiding a shock secret of her own.

After being pressured into joining school mates Leanna Cavanagh and Noah Dingle to secretly take Daz’s car for a joyride, Amelia is still shaken by her near-death experience when the car spun out of control and ended up in a field.

As adopted dad Dan and his partner Kerry fuss around Amelia and worry about her welfare, will Amelia put her foot down and decide to stand-up to bullying bad girl Leanna next time?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV