Emmerdale spoilers! Debbie Dingle reveals her crime to her mum Charity

Debbie Dingle tells her mum Charity that she was behind Ross Barton's acid attack

Debbie Dingle’s forced to continue making confessions now the cat has started to creep out of the bag. As Faith tries to smooth things over with upset Sarah, it’s Vanessa and Charity’s turn to hear the shock truth that Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) was behind the horrific acid attack which ruined Ross Barton’s life. Charity (Emma Atkins) is stunned.

Meanwhile, at the Bartons’, Pete tells Ross about his public row with Debbie.

With Gerry’s funeral looming large, Doug’s making preparations and takes in the lad’s skint uncle Terry who’s been kipping in the back of his car.