Emmerdale spoilers! Debbie Dingle fears for her daughter Sarah’s life as a heart donor is found

Debbie Dingle holds her daughter Sarah before she goes in to surgery for a heart transplant

The news Debbie Dingle has been waiting for arrives and it’s a bittersweet moment, to say the least.

Her daughter Sarah has been in hospital for months, waiting to receive a donor heart. Without it, she won’t survive. And now, a heart has become available.

It’s action stations on the ward as scared Sarah (Katie Hill) is prepped for surgery and wheeled away. Debbie (Charley Webb) buckles in anguish, unsure if her little girl will survive the risky operation.

On a hunt for her AWOL husband Adam, Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) trashes the haulage office. With Aaron and Robert both having lied to her about Adam being behind Emma Barton’s murder despite knowing Moira was the culprit, Vic’s sure they know where her husband went to avoid jail.

Victoria Barton searches the haulage office looking for information on her husband Adam who is on the run

Having the office torn to pieces doesn’t make for the best home-coming for newlyweds Aaron (Danny Miller) and Robert (Ryan Hawley). Will they tell Victoria what they know?

Emmerdale continues on ITV tomorrow at 7pm.