Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie Dingle says an emotional goodbye as she leaves for court

As Debbie Dingle leaves home for her trial, her daughter Sarah is worried her mum won't be coming back but will be sent straight to prison. Is she right?

It’s time for Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) to face the music as she heads off for her trial after admitting her part in the acid attack on Ross Barton. Her daughter Sarah Sugden is very emotional and worried that her mum might not return but will be sent straight to prison instead!

Debbie Dingle and Sarah

Sarah is worried her mum Debbie won’t be coming back

As mum and daughter say a charged farewell, a concerned Faith Dingle looks on. Sarah is furious that her mum has been made a scapegoat and she blames Joe Tate and Graham for everything that’s happened.

Later on Faith is alarmed when she sees a furious Sarah about to hurl a stone through a window at Home Farm.

Sarah Sugden and Faith Dingle

Faith is worried to find Sarah about to attack Home Farm and intervenes

She intervenes and stops Sarah from causing any damage but instead says she’s got a different revenge plan up her sleeve. They’re going to break into Home Farm instead!  What exactly is Faith intending to do once they’re inside?

Sarah Sugden and Faith Dingle

Faith tells Sarah there’s another way they can get revenge

Elsewhere Pollard agrees to watch the shop while David Metcalfe and Maya rekindle their relationship, but David’s son Jacob, who has a huge crush on Maya and recently shared a kiss with the teacher, is riddled with jealousy.

Plus Kerry and Dan are furious when they read the eviction notice dispatched by Nicola as is Bernice who is livid to find she’s also been evicted from her salon.

Bernice Blackstock and Nicola King

Bernice angrily confronts Nicola as Diane watches on

A raging Bernice squares up to her sister and angrily lashes out with a slap.

Nicola King and Bernice Blackstock

A furious Bernice slaps Nicola round the face as Robert appears

Nicola’s husband Jimmy later questions his wife asking her if her new job is really worth all the fallout. What will Nicola’s response be?

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