Emmerdale spoilers! Debbie pays the price when Ross’s car is stolen

Drug-dealer Connor threatens Debbie when Ross's car goes missing with his haul of drugs

As Ross becomes embroiled in Connor’s drug dealing world, Debbie  is understandably worried and when she sees what’s going on and what her ex is getting himself into, she steps in to try and talk some sense into him.

She is  finally about to come clean and tell him the truth about her and Joe, but there’s more drama that follows when Ross suddenly notices that his car, that was carrying Connor’s drugs stash, has been stolen.

When Connor realises his drugs have gone missing, he’s livid and grabs Debbie, threatening that she either finds the car and the drugs or she’ll have to stump up a large sum of cash to cover the loss.

Who has stolen the vehicle and could pupils Jacob, Leanna and Gabby, be involved when they accidentally miss the school bus?