Emmerdale spoilers! Will Debbie Dingle call off her wedding to Joe Tate?

Debbie Dingle argues with Joe Tate about the prenup

A huge problem has blown up and it’s all Graham Foster’s fault. Debbie Dingle has found prenup paperwork at Home Farm and is devastated to think her fiance Joe Tate is worried that she’s after his millions.

Besotted with Debbie, Joe didn’t want such a contract written up but his right-hand man Graham was so adamant that a prenup was put in place, he took it on himself to organise one regardless!

But took his meddling one step further and left the controversial contract lying around, knowing Debbie would see it. Can Joe convince Debbie that Graham was behind the move that has left her questioning their relationship?

** Second episode of Emmerdale on tonight – there is no further information for this episode