Emmerdale spoilers: Panicked Ellis goes on the ATTACK!

Ellis Chapman goes on the attack after receiving a scary text from ex-con Max

Billy’s recent call to Max – to warn the thug to steer clear of his family – does anything but.

Panicked Ellis’ (Asan N’Jie) nerves are shot to pieces when he receives a threatening text message from Max (Jordan Reece), which sparks yet another panic attack.

Aaron tells Billy what happened with Ellis in Emmerdale

Ellis has another panic attack

When Billy (Jay Kontzle) heads out to find Max, his heart sinks when he’s told that Max is out looking for him. Knowing Max is headed for the village and could well already be there, Billy tears off.

But will Billy be able to save his brother? At home, Ellis’ panic attack still his him in its scary grip when he hears a noise at the back door. Grabbing a rolling pin, Ellis edges towards it… Is it Max? Is it all about to kick off  at Tall Trees?

Testosterone and tempers flare when Will (Dean Andrews) learns Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) is ‘seeing’ Jai (Chris Bisson). She isn’t of course, it’s a ruse, but Will’s fallen for it. The factory boss reels when Will barrels into him and grabs him! Can Laurel calm the situation?

Will grabs Jai in Emmerdale

Will launches into Jai, thinking the factory boss is dating Harriet!

This is the first of tonight’s episodes.