Emmerdale spoilers: Ellis has a panic attack when he thinks he spots dodgy crim Max

Ellis Chapman has a panic attack when he thinks he spots dodgy Max walking through the village

Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) hasn’t been the same since the night out in Hotten which ended in him getting stabbed. The vicious attack was a result of an old crime of Ellis’ brother Billy’s (Jay Kontzle) and it’s left innocent Ellis in a state.

When Ellis spots someone walking past the house who looks like Max (Jordan Reece) – another of Billy’s aggro adversaries who recently caused lots of trouble – he’s terrified and has a panic attack.

Ellis has a panic attack when the thinks he spots Max in Emmerdale

Looking out the window, Ellis Chapman sees this guy with his dog and thinks it’s dodgy Max

Aaron finds Ellis in a state and tries to comfort him but Ellis is terrified and runs off…

Can Aaron, who has been in the same dark place in his past, help Ellis? Will he tell Billy what’s going on with his brother?

This is the second of tonight’s episodes.