Emmerdale spoilers! Ellis aims to RUN DOWN his brother Billy!

Ellis gets behind the wheel of Billy's van and prepares to run down his hated brother

The feud between Ellis and Billy reaches new heights when another fight erupts and turns potentially fatal.

Ellis is deflated when a special meal he organises for Victoria doesn’t go to plan. Finding Billy chatting to his girlfriend in the Woolie, Ellis can’t stand it. Outside, the brothers clash and fists fly when Ellis warns him to keep away from Victoria.

When Victoria sees how quickly things are escalating she gets on the phone to Ellis’ mum Jessie. In the meantime, however, Ellis has got behind the wheel of Billy’s van and is preparing to run him down!

Ellis accelerates towards his hated brother and prepares to run down him down

The tension between Dan and Kerry bubbles away as their eviction looms. At Mulberry, Laurel’s grateful for her dad Doug’s DIY help.

First episode of Emmerdale tonight.