Emmerdale spoilers! Doug Potts is left high and dry when Gerry’s uncle Terry walks out of the funeral

At Gerry's funeral Doug is left to deliver a eulogy for the lad when Terry legs it from the church

The mourners are gathered in church for Gerry’s funeral. They have no idea that among them is Gerry’s murderer, Lachlan who did away with his best friend for knowing too much about his family’s deadly car crash.

As the service gets underway, Doug Potts is baffled when the lad’s uncle, Terry, leaves. It falls to Doug to deliver Gerry’s eulogy. Diane’s sure something suspicious is going on and when Lachlan catches up with Terry, he’s sure of it. Will Lachlan manage to stop Terry running off with Doug’s cash and bits and bobs from the B&B?

Also: Debbie and Sarah argue about Joe, and Graham takes advantage of a situation when Megan reaches out to him for help.