Emmerdale spoilers! Graham Foster unravels and attacks Joe Tate!

Haunted by memories of his late wife, Graham Foster falls off the wagon and in a drunken rage he attacks his boss Joe Tate...

Hour-long episode

Graham Foster, Joe Tate’s right-hand man, father-figure and friend unravels like a coiled spring as the anniversary of his late wife’s death rolls around. Still wracked with guilt about causing the drink-driving accident, which killed Cheryl who was pregnant with their unborn daughter, Graham’s in a dark place on the doom-laden day.

Unable to contain his agony, Graham (Andrew Scarborough) lets go. The staunchly sober ex-army man cuts loose in a spectacular fashion. As he hits the bottle hard, a flashback retells the story of the tragic accident before lurching back into the present where Graham spirals out of control.

The locals are stunned at the sight of normally strait-laced Graham in such a state. In the Woolpack, he picks on a string of innocent bystanders before taking the full force of his turmoil out on Joe (Ned Porteous)…

Sam Dingle’s worst nightmare comes true when Samson flips out after hearing about his dad’s part in his mum’s death. Finally confessing to the secret that he helped Alice who had terminal cancer to die, Sam was always worried that his son would turn against him. And he does.

But as Lydia tries to intervene on Sam’s behalf, Samson shoves her down the stairs!


Lydia ends up in A&E being checked over. And it transpires that there’s a problem.

It’s nothing to do with her fall – the doctor has noticed a mole on Lydia’s leg which may well be cancerous…