Emmerdale spoilers! Graham Foster is attacked by drug dealer Connor

Graham Foster is bound, gagged and attacked by dealer Connor who has struck a deal with Joe Tate, who then changed his mind about it

Oh dear. It doesn’t look good for Graham Foster, does it? Connor, who Graham took to task a while back to make sure he kept quiet about the acid attack on Ross Barton, wants revenge. Though Graham’s confrontation was never played out on screen, the horror of it can only be imagined since we saw how ex-SAS man Graham went at Joe a while ago.

Graham (Andrew Scarborough) is now bound, gagged and bleeding… Can he find a way out Connor’s clutches or is Connor, who’s loving every minute, about to even the scores?

A passionate moment strikes Bernice Blackstock and Liam Cavanagh, who share a kiss!

Bernice Blackstock locks lips with smitten Doctor Cavanagh – will her boyfriend Daz Spencer find out?

As things heat up, Bernice (Sam Giles) breaks off their kiss telling Liam (Jonny McPherson) she needs to talk to end her relationship with Daz Spencer before they go any further.

Second episode of Emmerdale being shown this evening.