Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster evicts Debbie Dingle!

Graham takes his despair over Joe's fate out on Debbie and evicts her and her children from Jacob's Fold. Where will she go now?

Graham Foster has gradually been unravelling since he drove off with the body of his long-time employer Joe Tate in the boot of his car and seemingly killed him out by the railway viaduct.

After Graham had a heated confrontation with Joe’s former fiancee Debbie Dingle, who discovered it was Graham who sent her the “I’m sorry” text message using Joe’s phone, angry Graham twists the knife further by evicting Debbie and her children Sarah and Jack from Jacob’s Fold, the house she shared with Joe.

Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle, Priya Kotecha

Debbie is stunned and angry when Priya delivers an eviction notice from Graham Foster. (Picture: ITV)

As if Debbie didn’t already have enough trouble on her plate, with Sarah still recovering from a heart transplant and the threat of Debbie being sent to prison for ordering the ill-fated acid attack that left Ross Barton permanently scarred.

What will Debbie do now? And how will Debbie’s protective dad Cain react when he discovers what vengeful Graham has done to Debbie?

Meanwhile, well-meaning Marlon Dingle has been hoping to see Ellis Chapman and Victoria Sugden back together. Marlon becomes convinced Ellis, who is the son of his girlfriend Jessie Grant, is in for another chance with pub chef Victoria.

However, it looks like Ellis’s hopes will be crushed when Victoria turns up for their “date” with dodgy drayman Leon (played by ex-Hollyoaks star Rob Norbury) in tow!

Emmerdale, Ellis Grant, Victoria Barton, Leonria Su

Awkward! Ellis finds Victoria has turned up with another fella for their “date”! (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere, local doctor Manpreet Jutla tries to comfort her fella Rishi Sharma after the cruel comments about his video. But how will Rishi ever live this down?

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