Emmerdale spoilers: Jacob Gallagher gives Maya Stepney SHOCK ultimatum

Twisted teacher Maya has secretly been enjoying lovestruck teenager Jacob's attention. But she's in for a shock when he gives her an ultimatum...

David Metcalfe got close to exposing his girlfriend Maya Stepney’s forbidden affair with his teenage stepson Jacob Gallagher, after suspecting she was hiding some incriminating evidence about an affair on her phone.

But despite being almost caught-out, lovestruck Jacob still can’t fight his feelings for school teacher Maya, even if he is going behind his dad David’s back.

However, feeling guilty by the latest turn of events, Jacob reaches a big decision and drops a shock ultimatum on secret lover Maya. But how will she react? Will it be make…or break for the pair?

Eric tells Bob to pay up

Pay up! What will Bob do when he doesn’t have enough money to pay his B&B bill? (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, cash-strapped Bob Hope’s problems continue to go from bad to worse.

The jobless former cafe owner has been having a terrible time of it since splitting from wife Brenda Hope over his affair with long-time friend Laurel Thomas.

But then Laurel dumped Bob and he’s been living at the B&B ever since, doing odd jobs to try and make ends meet.

However, Bob faces further money troubles when B&B owner Eric Pollard insists he pays his bill or moves out!

With the money from his odd jobs not enough to cover his rent, what will Bob do to keep a roof over his head?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV