Emmerdale spoilers! Jacob’s jealousy over David and Maya’s romance leads to LIES

Jacob Gallagher's jealousy over David Metcalfe's relationship with Maya Stepney leads him to claim he's going out with Liv Flaherty

Jacob Gallagher’s teenage crush on Maya Stepney is getting intense. He may be loving having the object of his affections around the house but the fact that she’s David’s girlfriend, and a teacher at his school, is rather getting in the way of his fantasy romance!

When Jacob (Joe Warren-Plant) walks in on David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Maya (Louisa Clein) having a kiss he’s sickened. As his jealousy boils over Jacob “retaliates” and tells the couple he’s going out with Liv – and later informs the adults he and Liv are sleeping with each other, too!

Jacob Gallagher is jealous of David’s romance with his crush Maya Stepney

Clive (Tom Chambers) and Frank Clayton’s (Michael Praed) art con is a go situation. As they load art supplies into a room at the B&B they don’t realise suspicious Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) is dotting the Is and crossing the Ts… When she bursts in on them, will the con artists come clean?

Leyla Harding bursts in on Clive and Frank who are trying to pull off a scam

Unemployed Bob Hope’s (Tony Audenshaw) money problems stack up – will the former cafe owner sink or swim as he tries to struggle out of the red?