Emmerdale spoilers: Suspicious mind – what’s Jacob Gallagher’s hunch?

Locked in his misery over Maya, Jacob Gallagher has plenty of time to think and has started to get very suspicious about something…

Shut off from the world since his ‘relationship’ with 30-something Maya (Louisa Clein) was exposed – which landed the teacher in jail and sparked no end of drama, fighting and heartache – Emmerdale teenager Jacob (Joe Warren Plant) is in a lonely dark place.

He’s not talking to his dad, his mum nor most of his friends bar Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) who’s stuck by him. So, like most millennials, he’s living out his life online. In a bid to get Jacob talking to him, David (Matthew Wolfenden) has created a gaming profile and befriended his son in disguise. But has Jacob sussed what his desperate dad is up to?

Elsewhere, Doug’s (Duncan Preston) back pain lands him A&E, and Aaron (Danny Miller) has some advice for Robert (Ryan Hawley) who can’t stop meddling in his sister Victoria’s (Isabel Hodgins) life, following the horrific ordeal she endured at the hands of rapist-in-denial Lee (Kris Mochrie).