Emmerdale spoilers! Jamie Tate tears off to track down AWOL wife Andrea

The vet needs to find his wife who vanished after revealing she knew about affair with Belle Dingle

Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate is a man on a mission in Wednesday’s episode on ITV at 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kim Tate (Claire King) might want her beloved son Jamie (Alex Lincoln) to forget about his wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale) but there’s fat chance of that happening with her having vanished into thin air leaving their daughter Millie behind.

As the worried vet tries to piece together Andrea’s movements before she vanished, he flips out at Leyla (Roxy Shahidi), Andrea’s business partner when he learns they were initially in cahoots. When Leyla tells Jamie she no longer has a clue when Andrea is he starts to panic that his affair with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) may have pushed her to do something stupid.

Jamie is furious in Emmerdale

Jamie Tate flips when he finds out Leyla has been helping his wife Andrea, who has been missing she she revealed she knew about his affair with Belle Dingle

But a glimmer of hope is on the horizon. Jamie finally gets a sliver of information when Kim lets slip that she had a strange anonymous call. With nothing else to go on, desperate Jamie traces the number before tearing off in his car to the location… Will he find Andrea or will he regret making the journey out of the village?

Will Jamie regret making the journey in Emmerdale

Jamie Tate has a lead on his AWOL wife Andrea and races out of the village in his car

Liam (Jonny McPherson) cuts a lonely figure when he returns from a murder mystery retreat. Feeling sorry for her dad, loved up Leanna and her boyfriend Jacob decide to reunite the doctor with Jacob’s mum Leyla. But can the teens undo the damage they have done to their respective parent’s relationship?

Leanna feels sorry for her Dad in Emmerdale

Single dad Liam returns from a murder mystery retreat

Leanna feels sorry for her Dad in Emmerdale

Leanna feels sorry for her lonely dad Liam

Bob’s having problems in love, too. Will he take Chas’ (Lucy Pargeter) advice to join a dating site in a bid to make Wendy (Susan Cookson) jealous?