Emmerdale spoilers! Joe Tate dumps Debbie Dingle…

Joe Tate dumps Debbie Dingle after Sarah warns him off her mum

Debbie Dingle and Joe Tate’s rocky romance comes to a screeching halt when Joe dumps his girlfriend out of the blue. Debbie (Charley Webb) is floored by the bombshell which comes after her daughter Sarah warns Joe (Ned Porteous) to stay out of their lives.

Having been conned by Terry, Doug is kicking himself and Diane and Pollard are furious with him. As Doug’s frustrations mount, he loses his rag and smashes up a nearby police car! The mild-mannered OAP is taken away by the cops.

Meanwhile, the stressed-out Spencers are still at a loss about missing Amelia and the search for the young girl intensifies.