Emmerdale spoilers! Kim Tate DEAD after fall at Home Farm?

Kim Tate makes an entrance at the Home Farm masquerade ball where she's sent crashing to the floor when someone pushes her

At Home Farm, the carnage continues at the Masquerade Ball. The guests have been having a fantastic time at the lavish charity do but the fun has come to a shuddering halt. Superbitch Kim Tate (Claire King) – who hasn’t been seen in the village for 19 years – has returned to Home Farm, declared the property is still hers, not her step grandson Joe’s, and effectively taken charge of the evening!

After welcoming the stunned partygoers inside, Kim shares a few choice words with some of her old “pals” before swanning upstairs to check out the home she once shared with ex-husband Frank Tate.

Actress Claire King, who plays the iconic soap bitch said of the story: “Kim takes over the whole ball and turns it into her welcome home party! Those who recognise her are shocked to find out she’s back.”

But soon, the hum of the gossiping crowd is cut by the sound of a piercing scream…

Kim Tate is pushed from the hall balcony at Home Farm…

Unable to save herself, Kim Tate is set to fall to the floor below…

Will anyone or anything break Kim Tate’s fall?

Someone has pushed Kim, who’s sent crashing into Champagne fountain below!

Kim Tate lies motionless and surrounded by broken glass on the floor of Home Farm

The party guests are aghast at Kim Tate’s demise

It’s clear the fall was no accident: Kim was pushed!

But who shoved her? And will she survive?

First episode of Emmerdale this evening.