Emmerdale spoilers! Serial killer Lachlan White strikes again as he tries to stop Belle moving to London

Lachlan White sets out to kill Freddy who's offered Belle a job in London

Lachlan White has already killed to keep Belle Dingle in his life – and it looks like he’s set to go to the dark side again in a bid to stop his girlfriend leaving Emmerdale. He’s furious that investor Freddy has offered Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) a job in London and takes it upon himself to tell her she’s going nowhere. Belle isn’t having any of it and assures Lucky (Thomas Atkinson) she is.

Fuming, Lachlan decides there’s only one thing for it. He’s all set to tail Freddy to his hotel when a drunken Priya pours herself into his car wanting a lift home! Lachlan isn’t happy about it but he’s got to crack on. When Freddy gets out of his car, Lachlan looms up behind him with a rock in his hand… Is the serial killer about to add another victim to his murder toll?

Elsewhere Charity’s all churned up about her estranged son Ryan. Vanessa encourages her to write to him. And Cain and Moira go about their business unaware someone is spying on them. Who’s watching the Dingles’ every move?

Hour-long episode.