Emmerdale spoilers! Serial killer Lachlan White tracks down fake Terry and plans to KILL him

Lachlan White tracks down fake uncle Terry and plans to kill him

Emmerdale serial killer Lachlan White has been told that fake Terry – who recently pulled off a costly con in the village – is a known criminal who preys on mourners. And with Terry knowing Lachlan was responsible for the deaths of his mum and grandad, Lucky needs Terry out of the picture.

Having lied to his girlfriend Belle about what he’s up to, Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) arrives at a funeral service, lurking at a safe distance in his car. Soon enough he clocks Terry among the mourners, and later tails him… Is Terry a goner?

Moira turns up at the hospital hoping to have another go at getting through to Matty. The farmer is gutted when a nurse informs her Matty has discharged himself. As Moira doesn’t have any contact details for her child who has only recently come back into her life, is she about to lose Matty all over again?