Emmerdale spoilers! Lachlan White tells Robert Sugden where to find Rebecca White

Jailed Lachlan White tells Robert Sugden where to find Rebecca White

Robert Sugden wishes he could lean across the table and tear off jailed Lachlan White’s head during a tense visit.

With Rebecca White missing, considered by most to be dead, Robert (Ryan Hawley) is going out of his mind with worry.

He is desperate to know where the mother of his child has got to and he knows serial killer Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson), who has already confessed to a string of murders, knows the answer.

But Lachlan, who has long loathed his former stepfather, isn’t about to give up the information easily. He’s relishing having power over Robert who reels when Lachlan informs him he and Liv narrowly missed becoming one of his victims.

Relief washes over Robert when Lachlan finally speaks out about Rebecca (Emily Head). After revealing he didn’t kill his aunt, Lachlan tells Robert where to find her. With that, Robert legs it.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s horror continues. The captive mum is terrified as a nurse asks her to repeat what the troubled mum has been saying about Lachlan. As the confusing situation unfolds, the nurse approaches Rebecca with a loaded syringe…

At Home Farm, Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) warns Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) to butt out of his personal life and keep chat strictly to business. But Graham warns Joe he must protect his interests ahead of his upcoming marriage to Debbie Dingle.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow evening at 7pm.