First episode

When Bob clocks Brenda and Laurel having an awkward conversation about a school trip of Arthur’s, he cringes. He’s worried that the exchange is just another sign that Brenda is harbouring a secret about her health which in turn is affecting her behaviour. When Bob tells Laurel his fears about Brenda, will the widow tell him his fiancee is acting out because she knows they’ve been having an affair?

At a doctor’s appointment Ross is told his scars are healing well. It’s great news on one hand, but on the other it means the mechanic won’t be prescribed any more pills. Having becoming addicted to painkillers, Ross panics. How’s he going to get his fix? Back at home, it’s all he can think about which isn’t great when he’s supposed to be looking after his son Moses. Will Ross notice the toddler has got hold of a pack of his tablets?