Laurel Thomas is having love life problems and has decided she wants to split up with boyfriend Bob Hope, who’s oblivious to her strife.

A crowd gathers to witness the opening of a community garden, celebrating the life of Gerry Roberts, who was murdered by serial killer Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson).

Lachlan White watches Gerry Roberts as he heads to retrieve the barrel!

Lachlan White bumped off poor Gerry in an Emmerdale shocker

It’s a bittersweet moment for Doug Potts, who had a close bond with the lad and for a long time blamed himself for Gerry’s death at the B&B.

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) soon gives Doug (Duncan Preston) further angst when she confides in her dad, telling him she wants to end her relationship with Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw)!

Having returned to work, Paddy Kirk is stunned to hear from colleague Rhona Goskirk that their vets’ practice is suffering thanks to a cheaper rival having opened nearby.

Paddy Kirk learns from Rhona Goskirk that their vets’ business is losing clients as a cheaper rival has opened up nearby

With Paddy (Dominic Brunt) grieving for the recent death of his newborn daughter, Rhona (Zoe Henry) hasn’t wanted to bog him down with extra worry.

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