Emmerdale spoilers! Leyla Harding returns and shocks David Metcalfe who finds her in his bedroom!

Leyla Harding returns to Emmerdale and lets herself into Farrer's Cottage, giving David Metcalfe a huge shock when he finds her there!

David Metcalfe is pretty happy with where his life is at right now. With Maya Cavanagh having moved in with him, things are in a good place. The turmoil over his break up with Tracy is over.  But the shopkeeper’s cosy little love nest is about to get overturned and shaken up – big time!

When David (Matthew Wolfenden) returns home he’s excited to hear a noise upstairs. It must be Maya (Louisa Clein). As David heads up to give his girlfriend a passionate kiss, he’s given the shock of his life. It’s not Maya rustling around in the bedroom.

It’s his ex-lover Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi), the woman who was at the heart of his marriage break up, following their night of forbidden passion and subsequent meet up in Greece to discuss their betrayal!

David Metcalfe finds former love Leyla Harding in his bedroom at Farrer’s Cottage

Leyla’s shock return is going to cause all sorts of drama for David. What will Jacob say? And betrayed Tracy? And new woman Maya? Good luck, David, yeah?

Elsewhere, Joe Tate finds himself in a shock situation, too. Drug dealer Connor – who Graham Foster, a while back, claimed to have “dealt with” – has turned up. With a gun. He’s looking for Graham (Andrew Scarborough) and is clearly aiming to get his revenge. Joe (Ned Porteous) has no problem in throwing Graham under the bus. He tells Connor he hates Graham, too, and after assuring him he can get Graham in place at Home Farm for him, Joe strikes a shock deal with the thug…

Joe Tate talks down drug dealer Connor who has come looking for Graham, armed with a gun!

Victoria Barton and Tracy Shankley visit Finn Barton’s grave. Tracy’s taken aback by Vic who makes an acidic comment about her husband Adam Barton not being able to have the privilege of visiting his half-brother’s resting place.

Will Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) tell Tracy what she’s recently found out about her on-the-run husband Adam?

Victoria Barton and Tracy Shankley visit Finn Barton’s grave

Emmerdale continues on ITV tomorrow night at 7pm.