Emmerdale spoilers! Former friends Leyla Harding and Tracy Shankley have a CATFIGHT at the B&B

Tracy Shankley confronts Leyla Harding and as a fight starts up she throws her former friend's thing out of the window

Leyla Harding is back in the village and it doesn’t take long for the news to reach Tracy Shankley.

She’s not too pleased, of course. Thanks in large part to Leyla (Roxy Shahidi), her marriage to David Metcalfe is well and truly over. Tracy (Amy Walsh) still hasn’t recovered from finding out that David slept with her so-called friend behind her back, then secretly flew out to Greece to collude with Leyla about their sordid shenanigans.

At the B&B, Pollard (Chris Chittell) isn’t sure where to put himself as the women start going at it. Tracy gets so angry with Leyla that she throws her stuff out of the window! And it all kicks off big time!!

Elsewhere it’s a new day for Joe Tate whose mind keeps going over the brutal deal he’s struck with drug dealer Connor.

As the enormity of the situation dawns on Joe (Ned Porteous), the mogul decides he can’t go through with the vicious plan and wants to nix it. Will Connor hear the voicemail Joe leaves and register his request to leave Graham be?

First episode of Emmerdale being shown this evening. Second episode of Emmerdale this evening is being shown at 8pm.