Emmerdale spoilers! Lisa Dingle returns home to husband Zak

Lisa Dingle returns home

Following all the grief that kicked off after Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) was sentenced for spiking Lisa’s drink, the Dingle matriarch (Jane Cox) upped sticks.

A string of angina attacks prompted a doctor to warn Lisa to lower her stress levels immediately. But with Lisa’s family furious with her for reporting Liv, one of their own, she felt she had no choice but to leave her loved ones.

Zak kicked himself when he realised how harshly he’d treated his wife, and was furious with their daughter Belle for letting her leave. Lisa didn’t say how long she’d be gone so everyone’s stunned when she strolls back into Wishing Well. Question is, will she stick around?

Charity stalks Bails and ends up receiving a visit from the police who warn her to stay away from the DI. And Gerry finds the voicemail that Lachlan hoped would stay buried.