Emmerdale spoilers: Distraught Lydia tries to leave the village

In a state following her admission that the baby's bones found buried at the school were those of her stillborn child, Lydia wants to vanish off the face of the Earth…

Emmerdale‘s Sam Dingle (James Woonton) is determined to be there for Lydia (Karen Blick) but his fiancee just can’t handle anything right now. All she wants to do is leave this whole nightmare behind her.

But when she tries to sneak away in a cab, Sam intercepts her at the station and tries to persuades her to head to the school to confront her heartache.

In bits over the discovery of her buried baby’s bones at the school, Lydia tries to escape Emmerdale in a cab

Also wanting out of the village is pregnant Victoria (Isabel Hodgins). All excited about a rental place she’s found, the pub cook is bought crashing down with a bang when she receives a letter from Wendy (Susan Cookson), her rapist’s mum, demanding a DNA test.

Victoria is horrified when she gets a letter from Wendy, her rapist’s mum, demanding she do a DNA test

More fuming than ever, protective big bro Robert (Ryan Hawley) takes action. Having realised Dawn (Olivia Bromley) needs money, he offers the desperate single mum cash to lure rapist Lee (Kris Mochrie) into a honey trap… Will she take the deal?

Caption Robert offers Dawn money to lure Victoria’s rapist, Lee, into a honey trap

Emmerdale continues on ITV.