Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle gets caught in the crossfire of a punch-up!

Ouch! Marlon is cruising for a bruising when he tries to play peacekeeper after a fight breaks out between Matty and Victoria's date Ellis!

A punch-up starts when Matty confronts Victoria’s date Ellis.

As things get out of hand, Marlon rushes over to try and stop the fight but gets whacked in the face for his troubles. Ouch! But that’s not the only surprise in store for the pub chef, when he finds out Ellis has an unexpected connection to the village…

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the fight, Matty is left fuming when his mum Moira accidentally refers to him as a girl and decides he is going to move out from the farm and in with Victoria.

Elsewhere, it looks like time is running out for Belle. What a terrible mistake she made falling for Lachlan! Will that mistake cost Belle her life?

And Bernice gets together with her fella Daz. But when Daz hugs Bernice, it’s clear she’s secretly thinking about dishy Dr Cavanagh. Uh-oh, better watch out Daz. You’ve got some competition!

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