Emmerdale spoilers! Moira visits Graham to discuss Joe Tate’s death

Moira Dingle wants assurance from Graham Foster that he won't tell Debbie about Cain being responsible for Joe Tate's death

Well, this is awkward.

At Home Farm, Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) has arrived for ‘a word’ with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough). It’s about her husband Cain, of course, and his recent admission that he accidentally killed Joe Tate, the day Joe jilted Cain’s daughter Debbie at the altar.

Moira wants Graham’s assurance that he will never breathe a word about Joe’s death to Debbie, who’s under the impression her fiance did a runner and is AWOL but alive. If Debbie knew her father had killed Joe their relationship would be over. Forever.

But what neither Cain nor Moira know is that it was Graham who did away with Joe when he stepped in to dispose of Joe’s body for Cain and discovered his employer was still alive!

Graham’s got a few things to tell Moira about that grisly day – but it’s unlikely that the truth is one of them!

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Robert Sugden is with Rhona Goskirk and Pete Barton when he learns Ross Barton and Rebecca White are planning to leave the village with his son Sebastian and Charity’s boy Moses. (Picture: ITV)

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