Emmerdale spoilers! Nicola King makes a DRASTIC PLAN to save her family!

Nicola King takes extreme measures to try to repair the damage she's done to her marriage and family

When Graham Foster recently found out that his employee Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) had been siphoning off cash from the Tate empire, he played the long game rather than marching her down to the police station to shop her for fraud.

Using the threat of a possible prison sentence against Nicola, Graham forced her to turn on her husband Jimmy (Nick Miles) and her former conspirator, Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley), in a manoeuvre which left everyone with nothing.

Jimmy was utterly horrified when he learned his wife had lost him Kings’ haulage, a business which had been in his family for generations. Nicola’s betrayal meant Jimmy wouldn’t be able to pass on the business to his kids as his father Tom King had done for him and his father before him.

In the wake of Graham’s shakedown, the Kings’ marriage is hanging by a thread and sole earner Nicola, who’s got a part-time job on the production line at the Sharma factory, is determined to turn things around. Having already shown how far she’ll stoop to save herself, as she takes drastic action to keep her family in tact what’s steely Nicola got planned?