Emmerdale spoilers! Bernice Blackstock calls out Kerry Spencer and Daz

Bernice Blackstock confronts Kerry Spencer and Daz

So Daz Spencer (Mark Jordon) has admitted to having had a fling with his brother Dan’s former partner Ali which means he may well be Amelia’s father. And now the DNA test results are in.

The brothers are already at loggerheads and the contents of the document are only set to make things worse. As Daz and Kerry Spencer (Laura Norton) try to intercept the letter, their shifty behaviour only makes Daz’s girlfriend Bernice even more suspicious about what they’re up to…

All hell breaks loose at the vets as Pearl stuffs up the new booking system. Vanessa flips when she arrives at work to find the waiting room is fit to bursting with patients!

Gerry causes nightmares for Belle and Lachlan when he lets slip to the Dingles that the couple are opening up their own bar at the B&B.