Emmerdale spoilers: On her own in the yard, vet Rhona COLLAPSES and FEARS for her LIFE

Vet Rhona Goskirk collapses having been struck by agonising pains. Alone and terrified she hears for her life

Already in the grip of agonising pain, Rhona Goskirk collapses in the horse yard at Home Farm. The vet is on her own and terrified. Has Rhona (Zoe Henry), who’s just had a hysterectomy, done too much in lugging about her vet’s bag when she should be lying down on the sofa? Will anyone come to her rescue?

So Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) has decided Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), his new stepmum, has returned to her shopping addiction. At a party to celebrate their recent marriage, while Rishi (Bhasker Patel) proudly makes a speech about his new wife, Jai’s blood boils.

Jai is angry in Emmerdale

Rishi makes a speech about his recent marriage to Manpreet

Failing to get his father alone for a chat, Jai speaks out in front of the guests… But has he got his facts straight about what Manpreet’s been up to?

Jai is angry in Emmerdale

Angry Jai reveals his suspicion about Manpreet to his bemused dad Rishi

This is the second of tonight’s episodes