Emmerdale spoilers! Druggy Ross Barton collapses while he’s looking after his tiny son Moses

Following a drug binge Ross Barton collapses while he's looking after his son Moses

It’s the morning-after-the-night-before for Ross Barton who’s crippled by a shocking comedown following a drug-fuelled party.

He’d love to sleep it off but Ross (Mike Parr) has got his young son Moses to look after. And like most little boys, Moses wants to be outside tearing about. Unable to cope without chemical assistance, Ross takes a hit to give him a much-needed pep.

Soon Ross is racing about with his boy, playing football. But their game comes to a stop when Ross is gripped by an agonising pain in his chest and collapses!

Left alone, little Moses wanders towards Emmerdale’s dangerous footbridge… will the day end in tragedy?

First episode of Emmerdale being shown this evening – next episode at 8pm.