Emmerdale spoilers! Heartbroken Ross Barton opens up to Tracy Metcalfe

Ross Barton confides his problems in Tracy Metcalfe

At Dale View, Ross Barton is hosting another party. He’s invited his old friends from the village to mix with his new druggy friends – which doesn’t work out too well.

Tracy Metcalfe and Priya Sharma are taken aback when they arrive to find music blaring out and Ross off his trolley. Feeling uncomfortable, Priya (Fiona Wade) makes an exit but Tracy (Amy Walsh) sticks around to talk to the troubled mechanic.

Tracy’s heart breaks when Ross (Michael Parr) opens up about what’s going on with Rebecca and how he feels about the missing mum.

As the evening continues, Ross tries to hide his drug-taking from Tracy and later takes her out to the scrapyard where he encourages Tracy to let loose on a car…

This is all the information we have for tonight’s Emmerdale.