Emmerdale spoilers! Ross confronts Joe with a gun but who ends up in the firing line?

Who ends up in the firing line when an angry Ross storms Home Farm armed with a gun?

After Ross discovers that Simon was paid to keep his mouth shut in court about the acid attack, he’s raging and is convinced Joe has something to do with it.

He storms off to Home Farm, armed with a gun and ready to confront the wealthy property developer.

Jos is alarmed to turn up and find Ross at his house, brandishing a weapon and Graham already bound up. As Ross shouts out a series of threats, will Joe finally reveal the truth, that Debbie was responsible for the acid attack? Or will he keep quiet to protect her?

As a furious Ross grows increasingly wild and frustrated, Joe tries to reason with him but the gun suddenly goes off and someone stumbles to the ground.

Who has been hit by the bullet and are they going to survive the blast?

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