Emmerdale spoilers! Ross Barton asks Rebecca White to leave the village with him

Ross Barton reflects on his troubled past and asks girlfriend Rebecca White to leave Emmerdale with him

Rebecca White is all shaken up when she receives a birthday card from her serial killer nephew Lachlan. With her trying so hard to get on track after all the horror Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) put her through when he took her hostage and then admitted to killing, among others, her dad and sister, the twister gesture is a sucker punch for Rebecca (Emily Head).

Ross Barton is rattled when his mild-mannered girlfriend, Rebecca, admits she’d kill Lachlan given half the chance. As the couple reflect on huge catalogue of horror which has dogged then both, Ross (Mike Parr) is struck by the idea of a fresh start… Can Rebecca White get on board with his idea?

Elsewhere, Lydia Hart tells Sam Dingle why she couldn’t go to baby Grace’s funeral.

Lydia tells Sam why she didn’t go to Grace’s funeral

Sam (Sam Hooton) cradles Lydia (Karen Blick) who dissolves in tears in his arms.

Sam Dingle supports an upset Lydia

Second episode of Emmerdale this evening. Continues tomorrow at 7pm.