Emmerdale spoilers! Ross Barton sleeps with druggy Dawn!

Ross Barton sleeps with prostitute Dawn when he assumes Rebecca has blown out their date

So Ross Barton has got a date with Rebecca White but the plan falls through. When Ross (Mike Parr) presumes Rebecca (Emily Head) has blown him out he ends up in druggy Dawn’s arms. With his self-confidence at an all-time low following the acid attack which scarred him for life, Ross’ already low mood plummets further.

The saga blows up into a catastrophe as Pete finds out what has happened and blows his top at Debbie. Blaming his brother’s ex for all that has gone wrong in Ross’ life, he lashes out at Debbie in the Woolpack. Chas ushers Debbie into the back room where she and Sarah are then stunned when Debbie reveals she was behind Ross’ acid attack.

Elsewhere, as Liv returns home from Young Offenders’ Aaron insists Faith is not to throw a welcome party for his troubled sister.

Charity is confronted by her painful past.

Hour-long episode.