Emmerdale spoilers! Ross Barton is warned to stay away from druggie Dawn

Ross Barton is told to stay away from drug addict Dawn

Ross Barton (Mike Parr) is adamant that he’s going to find drug dealer Simon and make him pay for the acid attack he inflicted on him, which has left Ross scarred for life. But his mission to track down the dealer, who escaped getting sent down for the crime, has bought Ross in touch with an unlikely new friend in sex worker Dawn.

Already deeply concerned about his brother on so many levels, Pete is none too pleased to see Ross hanging about with a prostitute. Despite him wanting to see Simon do justice just as much as Ross does, Pete doesn’t want his only sibling getting thrown in the slammer in the process. Will Ross listen when Pete warns him to keep away from Dawn?

Having decided Daz is up to no good, Bernice shares her suspicions with her sister Nicola who’s later worried when she sees her sibling flirting with Dr Cavanagh. Is Bernice’s relationship with Daz headed for disaster?