Emmerdale spoilers! Ryan’s upset when his mum Charity meddles in his love life

Ryan is upset when his mum Charity meddles in his relationship with Dawn which looks set to fail

Ryan Stocks is miserable right now. He thought he might be in with a romantic chance with his friend Dawn Taylor but after their failed date and with her having caught another woman trying to kiss him it’s not looking good right now.

On top of that Dawn (Olivia Bromley) doesn’t want to hear a word of Ryan’s (James Moore) explanations while his disapproving mum Charity (Emma Atkins) won’t shut up about why a relationship with a former drug addict is a bad idea. Is smitten Ryan’s heart about to take a knock when it comes to romance with Dawn?

Alarm bells ring in Jai Sharma’s ears when he hears Manpreet Jutla (Rebecca Sarker) has tried to pinch the company credit card and has transferred factory funds to her personal account. It’s time to call out his dad’s girlfriend but how will Jai (Chris Bisson) handle the situation?