Emmerdale spoilers! Sam and Samson take Lydia to visit Alice’s grave

With the truth about the death of Sam's first wife Alice out in the open, Sam and Samson ask Lydia to accompany them to visit Alice's grave

Lydia Hart’s deeply touched when Sam and Samson Dingle invite her to go with them to visit Alice’s grave. It’s a huge moment for them all which only serves to make Lydia certain she’s right not to tell the guys about what happened to her at the hospital.

In the graveyard, taking in their hurt over Alice – Sam’s wife whose life was cut short by cancer – Lydia (Karen Blick) just can’t bear the thought of Sam (James Hooten) and Samson experiencing anything like that again and is adamant that it’s best not to tell not them the doctor has spotted a dodgy-looking mole on her leg. But Lydia’s underestimating Sam who has fully picked up on the fact that something’s not quite right with his girlfriend. Will he call her on it?

Elsewhere, Ross demands respect and cash from Cain – but will he get it?