Emmerdale spoilers! Sarah Sugden is prepped for donor heart surgery

Debbie Dingle worries as her daughter Sarah is prepped for donor heart surgery

The moment Debbie Dingle has longed for yet feared arrives as the cardiologist takes her to one side to tell her they have found a suitable heart for her very ill daughter Sarah Sugden. It’s a life or death operation and as the mum and daughter are talked through the formalities, Debbie (Charley Webb) struggles. As Sarah is prepped for surgery will it go to plan?

Megan continues to try to make right her wrongs and get Frank to forgive her for having a fling with Graham. After yet another rejection, Megan gets a helping hand from Rishi… Will the sight of Megan in leathers and red lippy astride a motorbike get Frank’s motor running?

And Zak admits he’s befriended – and now lost – a stray dog who he’s named Monty.