Emmerdale spoilers! Tracy ATTACKS Dawn and locks her in church!

Grieving for her dad who died in the factory fire, Tracy turns on Dawn with a new accusation about Frank's death…

In Emmerdale, it’s Tracy’s (Amy Walsh) birthday but she couldn’t give two hoots. All she’s bothered about is proving her dad Frank (Michael Praed) didn’t start the factory fire which ended up killing him.

As far as the police are concerned Frank was the culprit and it’s case closed but Tracy is convinced they’re wrong. She’s right of course. Poor Frank had nothing to do with the blaze which was accidentally started by Amy after Kerry’s (Laura Norton) bungled theft of the Sharmas’ safe.

So far, no one has worked out Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and her mum Kerry had anything to do with the killer blaze. But Tracy is slowly gathering evidence to get justice for her dead dad.

Having already thrown accusations at Dawn (Olivia Bromley), Tracy’s mortified about getting things so wrong until she overhears Dawn and her dad Will (Dean Andrews) talking. Jumping to conclusions again, she flips!

Before long, Tracy’s got terrified Dawn locked in the church and is accusing her of all kinds…

Tracy traps Dawnin Emmerdale

Meanwhile, unaware of what is unfolding, Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) is making a birthday tea for her sister Tracy and is determined to patch up their differences. Will she find out what her sibling is up to?

Elsewhere, Al (Michael Wildman) continues to meddle in his ex’s life and tells jobless Jessie (Sandra Marvin) a teaching post has come up in Dubai with her name written all over it. When he tells the unemployed head teacher he’s pulled some strings and got her an interview, will Jessie tell her husband Marlon (Mark Charnock) what’s going on?