Emmerdale spoilers: IT’S TIME TO GO: Vanessa and Charity prepare to move on

Vanessa takes charge and tells Charity she's going to find them somewhere new to live as it's too full at the Woolpack

It’s getting a bit cramped at The Woolie. With Pregnant Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) there, Paddy’s long lost dad Bear (Joshua Richards), Charity (Emma Atkins) and fiancee Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick), there’s barely room to swing a sausage.

With Chas and Paddy expecting, the couple are soon going to need lots more room and lots of peace and quiet to care for a newborn. So Vanessa and Charity really need to get going and find somewhere new to live.

Charity’s touched when she tells her she’s going to sort it. But are there any vacant cottages in the village at the moment? Laurel’s pirate ship do you, ladies?!

Emmerdale continues next week on ITV.