Emmerdale spoilers! Victoria Barton accidentally tells Matty’s new girl he’s trans!

Victoria Barton accidentally tells Matty's date Abby that he's transgender

It’s Matty Barton’s birthday and although he told his bessie Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) they would hang out together, he’s invited his new squeeze Abby along.

Having taken the day off and made special plans for Matty (Ash Palmisciano), Vic’s absolutely gutted about Abby being there but is trying to pretend she’s OK with it. But Matty’s birthday bash is about to go horribly wrong and it’s all Victoria’s fault…

Knowing Matty hasn’t yet told Abby he’s transgender, Victoria finds Abby in tears, she assumes they’ve had “the conversation”. Presuming the worst of Abby, Vic starts to tear strips off her for not being OK with Matty being trans but Abby hasn’t got a clue what the pub cook is going on about!

Vic soon realises she’s put her foot in it big time and by the time Matty finds the awks conversation unfolding it’s totally blown up. Far from understanding about Matty’s gender change, Abby promptly dumps the birthday boy while Matty fumes at Vic for ruining his romance. Whoops!

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Leanna finds out that her stepmum Maya has told Jacob to keep away from her stepdaughter and vows to get revenge. What will her next move be?