Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria Barton’s confronted by her rapist’s MUM

Victoria gets a horrible fright when her rapist's mother, Wendy, confronts her...

It’s a normal day at work for pub cook Victoria Barton in Emmerdale … until it’s not.

Vic (Isabel Hodgins) gets a horrible fright when she pops to the loo only to be confronted by a stranger. The woman, Wendy (Susan Cookson), turns out to be the mum of Lee who raped Victoria. But she’s not there to apologise for her son’s despicable behaviour – she’s there to have a go at Victoria for spreading “lies”!

Fortunately, Charity (Emma Atkins) swoops in to save Victoria and sends Wendy packing. Is this unnerving incident going to undo all the progress Vic has made to get back on track following the horrific attack?

Dawn walks in on a conversation Harriet is having with Laurel and hears the vicar telling her friend how much she means to her

Elsewhere, Pollard (Chris Chittell) gets the wrong end of the stick about Faith (Sally Dexter) and Bear (Joshua Richards). And Dawn (Olivia Bromley) overhears Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) telling Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) how much she means to her.