Emmerdale spoilers: Is Victoria Sugden in danger from nasty Leon?

Victoria's date with bad boy Leon takes a nasty turn when he won't take no for an answer. Will big brother Robert manage to send him packing?

Victoria Sugden would have been better off sticking with either Matty Barton or Ellis Chapman because her new fella, Leon has got a bad reputation.

However, despite warnings from friends and family, Victoria seems determined to prove everybody wrong about Leon and has been making her point by kissing Leon publicly in the pub.

Back at home, Victoria is still in a reckless mood and Leon decides to push his luck by trying to take things further. However, when Victoria warns him he’s getting a bit too handsy and to slow things down, he quickly shows his nasty side and starts verbally abusing Victoria.

As the pub chef fears she’s put herself in terrible danger from Leon, it’s clear he’s not going to leave until he gets what he wants. What will Victoria’s big brother Robert do when he arrives home to find Leon mistreating his younger sister?

Emmerdale, Victoria Barton, Robert Sugden, Leon

What will Robert do when he catches Leon with Victoria Sugden? (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere in the village, after Cain Dingle’s angry showdown with a drunken Graham Foster over his treatment of Cain’s daughter Debbie, it’s clear there’s something big troubling Joe Tate’s right-hand man. But if anybody discovered just what, there’d be a whole lot of trouble!

Debbie’s younger brother Noah pushes Debbie to try and help Graham who is spiralling out of control. But will Graham open up to Debbie and reveal what really happened the day her fiance Joe seemingly “disappeared” on the day of their wedding?

Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle, Graham Foster

Debbie wants to know what the heck is going on with Graham. Will she discover more than she bargained for? (Picture: ITV)

But that’s not the only drama for Debbie to deal with. She’s got a pregnancy test kit! Is there a chance she could be pregnant with Joe’s baby?

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